R     E     V     E     A      L                   Y     O     U    R              W     O      R      L     D     


        Tendencies of construction development all over the world are directed towards the main problem of advanced technologies and towards applying ecologically clean building materials. In this sense we consider it expedient to introduce our interview with Hrayr Karakhanyan, director of the construction company "Masis", concerning a number of innovations presented by the company.
       - Mr. Karakhanyan, when was the company founded and what activities is it specialized in? - The company was created in 1992, it has been engaged in essential building activities since 1995, when we started to cooperate with famous French companies "Siplast", and much later - with "Soprema". The latter ones are specialized in production of water-isolating materials and in applying the latest technologies in that sphere, and are considered to be local leaders in this sphere. Consequently, we turned the water-isolating systems into the main direction of our activity. - Recently, the problem of water-isolation has been greatly paid attention to in the building sphere. Why is it necessary and how is it realized? - In general, by saying "water-isolation", we must imagine a whole system, which can be applied in construction of roofs, cellars, as well as of any underground buildings and industrial, engineering structures. Water-isolating system of all the buildings should correspond to their architectural appearance and functional significance, proceeding from which the appropriate material is being chosen with its technologically original application. We have already presented those materials in exhibitions in Armenia for several times, and there is a permanent show-room functioning in our office, where our customers can get acquainted to that materials and the technologies of applying them. - Especially what kind of activities do Your company realize and which of them are mostly applied at us in Armenia? -The nature of activities realized by our organization is multiform. As I mentioned, we carry out water-isolating activities. Much work has been realized in Armenia, among which I'd like to mention the following ones: o Common flat roofs (regional-government complex of the AR MD, a military institute, and a number of other struc- tures), o Sloping roofs, by applying fine-tinplate cylinder package materials (churches St. Harutyun of Spitak, St. Sargis of Noyemberyan, Amenaprkich churches in the village Shenavan, AR CB etc.), bitumen tiles (the complex Harsnakar in Yerevan, etc.), o Operated roofs (house of Moscow, Northern Avenue, etc.), o Drinking water basins (the complex Harsnakar in Sevan, the hotel-comlex Tufenkyan, etc.), o Basins on the roof (the trade centre Hayastan, a dwelling house in 7 Al. Manukyan str., etc.), o A roof-garden (Hovnanyan's mansion, etc.), o Water-isolation under a defensive layer (St. Grigor Lusavorich church, etc.), o Bridges (the bridge Gisha in Tehran). Of course this list may be continued endlessly. But I'd like to touch upon the latest news, which I was the witness of in November of last year, during the world-wide exhibition BATIMAT 2007, having taken place in Paris, and we have planned to apply them here at us. - Mr. Karakhanyan, I'd ask You to present Your imressions of the exhibition in more details. - The world-wide construction exhibition BATIMAT is held once in two years in Paris. This time the exhibition was organized in 7 pavilions and 12 open-air squares. More than 3000 companies from different countries of the world were participating there. Of course, it would be impossible to get acquainted to all the exhibition pavilions during 5 days. G. Azizyan, the director of "Armproject" Institute, the architecture E. Lazaryan and me were invited from Armenia by the companies SIPLAST and SOPREMA. By the way, the Institute "Armproject" cooperates closely with our company in case of designing water-isolating activities (the new complex of AR MD, the new subsidiary building of AR CB, etc.). I was mostly interested in the newest technologies of water-isolation. The presented innovations mainly had an ecological direction. Thus, the roof is presented, as a functional, effectively exploited system, regardless of its slopings and configuration. It should also use them as a green territory, install sun batteries' systems on them and turn them into a source of getting alternative energy as well. Soon the construction exhibition “MER TUN” ("OUR HOUSE") will be held in Armenia, where these innovations will be introduced. - Besides the French firms, having been mentioned by You, don't You cooperate with other companies, being specialized in that activities? Others can also have interesting solutions concerning this technology, can't they? - You are right, of course. It's necessary to master the sphere fully. With that purpose, we are constantly enlarging the frames of the company's activities, consequently, we establish new relations with other famous companies as well. For example, the American company "Penetron" is one of them, it is already 6 years that it has his own production in RF. Moreover, with the results of the accomplished works, Russian branch is much stronger than the main factory. It has attracted our attention with the following reasons. In Paris, after having taken part in the exhibition, we had planned to start an action with the slogan "Ecoroof". It proved that "Penetron" had already started an action in the same principle with the slogan "Dry Cellar", and had had some progress in it. Materials presented by "Penetron" are a dry mixture of cement, especially granulated quartz sand and active chemical additional materials, which is applied for the purpose of fortifying, and water-isolating the already existing and being built concrete constructions. There are 6 materials proposed, which are provided for protection of concrete from different extents of dampness. As opposed to other water-isolating materials, which demand certain preparatory activities (polishing, etc.), and a dry surface, in this case, none of these are necessary. The dry mixture, having been opened with water, is cringed with a certain proportion to the concrete surface, having been moistened beforehand, then that surface is being periodically moistened. In conditions of dampness existence, the material deeply penetrates into the concrete volume and is crystallized. Formed crystals create a dam against the dampness penetration, closing the “capillary” system of concrete, by which it penetrates. Laboratory and practical experimentations have shown that the crystals don't dissolve in the course of time and are long-lived together with the concrete. It means that there is no need to repeat this activity once in 7-10 years, like it is in case of other hydrophob materials. - Thanks for the presented information. What would You like to add? - Of course the presented material carries mostly a professional character and may not interest everybody. In this respect I'd like to advise you not to remember about water-isolating problems only in case, when there appear traces of dampness, as this is not a warning, but already a damage. In this case capital repair must be undertaken. Otherwise, the expenses of removing them would increase in a geometrical progress. Precautionary measures should be taken in time, to avoid this. Our company is ready to give a consultation in this sense. You can turn to us with the address presented below.


        In our newly-independent country many new companies enter into the market with skillfully worked out strategies, and within a short period of time they manage to become the full masters of the market. The company “NAKOIL” isn’t an exception as well, which, in spite of very short period of foundation (only two years), managed to have considerable achievements. It’s easy to understand just from its name, that the company deals with import and trade of mineral oils. “NAK” stands for the abbreviation of “mineral oil trade company”, and the word “OIL” means oil, as translated from English language. “NAKOIL” has its own place in the market among companies, offering mineral oil, as it offers the consumers qualified goods imported only from Russian Federation and Europe. It’s the only trade representative of one of the Russian oil-industrial giants, TNK British Petrolium incorporation in Armenia. With the right of a distributor, the company presents Texaco oils from the products of European producers. “NAKOIL” is one of those unique companies, having got the right of “Credo” in business. It’s rather an interesting phenomenon, even if the market doesn’t have the demand of a certain product, the company should possess that particular product by all means, for the customer to be able to see, learn about the new product, or just to use it for an experiment. It means, that the idea of being of no demand is just a visibility. So, we can surely say, that “NAKOIL” is an avanguard company at present. However, our aim is not only to illustrate the company’s achievements, but also to develop the problems, facing the company on its way to accomplishment. In this sense, Souren Mkhitaryan, the head of the company “NAKOIL”, shares his interesting thoughts and ideas with the journalist of “Yerevak”. - What are the main strategies of the company “NAKOIL”? - The aim of the company “NAKOIL” is to correspond the market demand with the high quality of the product. I do not mean only advertisements. Consumers need to stay update with high criteria of new products. With this particular purpose, we organize special seminars, during which the peculiarities of the products are being displayed, as well as their quality and functions. Seminars are being introduced by TNK representatives, they introduce the certain type of product and its consuming field. We have already organized two similar seminars this year. Other two ones are expected to take place in October of this year. - Does there exist a competitive field? - Of course, it does. However, the most important thing in this situation is the creation of a fair competition. There mat be diseases in every organism, which do harm to the health: there are some individuals, that import oils of suspicious origins into Armenia from secondary countries. And no one is responsible for the imported product quality. We cannot view this categores as competitors for serious companies, since there are numerous well-known companies, importing qualified goods into Armenia. An overwhelming majority of consumers is aware of the activities of such companies and they can differentiate between qualified goods. More or less low prime cost of offered goods promotes the formation of available prices. Thanks to knowledgeable management and chosen advertisement policy we manage to maintain our sector in the market. - What can you say about TNK lubricating oil, and what’s your attitude towards the products being imported, in general? - It is already two years the renowned Russian TNK brand has been importing its products into Armenia, but it has managed to obtain recognition and numerous companies keep using products just of this company. Their high quality is mainly determined by the introduction of new technologies. The product quality undergoes three-phase control. The assortment of the product corresponds to the demand of the market. It is divided into several groups. There is a variety of diesel and petrol engine oils, as well as lubrication oils of industrial significance. Energetic, reductive and compressor lubricating oils are included among the latter ones. There are oils and lubricating ones for pumps, refrigerators and firearms. - Are there any obstacles on the way, while importing goods into Armenia? - Naturally. Import of any goods to Armenia is connected with travel expenses. The most expensive way is through Georgia, our “brother” country. Nevertheless, similar and other kinds of problems, that complicate our activity, are thoroughly subdued together with the development of our country and the company. - Are there any other obstacles in Armenia, hindering the development of your business? - Sure, there are: the first one is the fact, that we hadn’t had our own Republic for a long time, the second one is the problem concerning our national mentality. The third one refers to Diaspora Armenians. Latter ones participate in the process of inner market formation whether directly or indirectly. We witness a natural process and we can’t destroy or abolish it anyhow. On the contrary, we need to evaluate the process correctly, to analyze and make use of it. It speaks favourably for the interests of each of us. Ultimately, this small land should be favourable for all of us. We are hard-working and talented nation, we are the distinctive species, unlike any other, as Aghasi Ayvazyan says - we are “the Armenian species”. Any type of prosperous activity promotes the flourishing of the country. Our business layer need to be inspired and supported in any way. - What’s the secret of “NAKOIL” company’s success? - Firstly, foundation of our company, that would specialize in particular product delivery. Secondly, the knowledgeable strategy, that help us to enjoy confidence of our customers. This fact promotes for the enlargement of the assortment in its turn. The company serves almost every organization in the industry. Thirdly, our secret is our skilled professionals, that have worked in this field for over 10 years. The fourth one are the goods we offer. It is practically impossible to use equipment of the 60-ies and be satisfied with their quality. Undoubtedly, our product, having been made with modern technologies, overcomes all the expectations. - What does the phrase “More then the price” mean? - We have chosen this motto as a slogan, because the product we offer is much higher with its quality mark, than the price they are sold at, and consequently, we support an utmost resultiveness of the equipments, being used. - In the end, what would you wish to “Yerevak”? - I wish a prosperous activity, and which is the most important on the way of your development, a will of power, perseverance, zeal and unity. I think, they will promote “Yerevak” not to have a lack of true readers, as it happens with other magazines.


        As a stony symbol of Armenia, a country of stones, we are especialy proud of our architectural distinctive buildings, among which the sport-concert complex, named after Karen Demirchyan, has its own peculiar place. How much we have become anxious about the destiny of the complex! We were troubled and anxious about the consequences of the fire burst in 1985, the mentality connected with the de-nationalization process of the building wasn't less disturbing either: we bore the bitter experience in our mind. However, the last 3 years proved that founders of the company "BAMO" Muradyan brothers shared with us those anxieties. As the elder brother Harutyun Muradyan notices, this single building on the hill of Tsitsernakaberd, next to the monument of Great Genocide, is not just a nice building, reminding of a blooming flowr, but symbolizes our national reanaissance and awakening as well, doesn't it? Putting a part of their own creative possibilities in their motherland, and thus contributing to our renaissance, is the principle goal of the Muradyans: "Profit is measured not only by money: we're sure that the 30-33 million dollars invested in the complex will never be returned to us", says Hrant Muradyan. "We are simply proud of the fact that with our activities we contribute to the re-running of the sport-concert complex, which is a national value for our people. We are inspired and spiritually enriched by the feeling that we do a beneficial work to the nation. This is our biggest profit, which is unmeasurable, non-material. The 15-year-old company, which was founded by the Muradyans in 1992 in their birthplace Martuni, has already managed to take a respectable place in Russian leading design-building organizations, and with some other kinds of activities, such as the reprocessing production of building glassware is, it's one of the only organizations realizing activities in the territory of CIS. However, neither the activity's geography, nor the spheres and volume have changed the building and producing main creative principle of the Muradyans family. "BAMO" always acts in its own distinctive handwriting, that is - faultless, consistently considering all other nature-preserving and internationally accepted standards in their designing and building estimations: be it reconstruction of the famous Yusupov palace in Moscow, which is the breath and soul of Tsar's epoch, or construction of an only dwelling complex on the bank of the lake Senege. "Europe" production centre, as well as icy and olympic palaces, accordingly in Dmitrov and Chekhov cities near Moscow, are also in the armoury of the company. This list will be extended in the future with new buildings: "BAMO" has recently won the right for designing works of the 3 olympic buildings for the winter Olympiads in 2014 in Sochi: the Skating centre, Biatlon and Spring-board complexes. And before this, final decorating and furnishing works are being quickened in the sport-concert complex for the arrangement of another olympiad. According to the primary agreement, the Chess Olym-piad of 2008 will be held in the complex, won't it? And that means, that we'll already celebrate the building's re-opening in early autumn. By the way, the company had foreseen the exploitation of the complex much earlier than the arranged time-limit, but it turned out later that there was a need to change the sub-structures and almost all the equipments with new ones. It wasn't possible to bring to life the main significance of the building with equipments having gone out of fashion, it wasn't possible to make it the main axis of the republic's culture, sport and show-business, where it will be possible to organize concerts and shows, proper to international high-class stages. European specialists, invited just for that purpose, have taken up the acquisition and installation of the newest light and sound equipments. After the exploitation hockey and figure-skating schools will function in the complex, cultural and sports groups, everything that is necessary to bring up a spiritually and physically healthy generation. All the necessary conditions will be secured for organizing entertainment an rest at a high level. "The complex must be a high-class place for having entertainment, rest, as well as hospitality there. All this is an important component for a healthy lifestyle, and we try to implant it in our way of living", summarizes H. Muradyan. As to us, we must look forward to the important event of the reopening of the complex, in order to come into contact with beauty and lofty culture.


        "ONIX G.Co." is the unique manufacturer of metal small-panel formwork for monolithic construction in Transcaucasia. Since the date of its creation, the company has been engaged in development, design, production, application and sale of metal small-panel formwork and metallic structural construction elements (scaffolding, system for large-scale mass measures, etc). The Company has obtained for about 30 technical innovations of inventions and effective device. At the same time it carries out research works for the creation of working landings, which can, by the way, decrease the value of the outer facing works on considerable heights. Vivid example of the above-mentioned is the construction of the largest building "St. Grigor Lusavorich" church. "ONIX G.Co." creative group was successfully engaged in the solution of formwork tasks. The Company ensures the creative works of major and minor construction units.

                                        PRODUCTION OF FIBERGLASS WINDOWS AND DOORS

"ONIX G.Co" is the only distributor of Canadian company "Inlinefiberglass" LLC. Windows and doors of this company are made of unique heavy-duty, non-polluting material (on the basis of glass fiber and polyester resins). They aren't afraid of dampness, aren't covered with mould, don't bend, don't change colour and shape, don't decay, and are solid. Company's purpose is to introduce the Armenian consumers to this perspective material. It has deve-loped some long-term projects and now looks for investors for their realization. In 2001 "ONIX G.Co." was awarded an acknowledgement by the president of the AR, for having been a great success.


        In 1969, especially with the purpose of realizing the construction of the AR atomic power station, the constructing-administration "ANPP Construction" was founded in the structure of "Hydroenergoconstruction" (complete complex of ANPP 2 blocs was constructed and put into operation, and in 1985 construction of the second shift of ANPP was continued), which working biography has been in process by now. In 2004 the constructing-administration “ANPP” was renamed into CJSC "ANPP Construction", which is considered to be the competent successor of the constructing-administration “ANPP”.
       Today all spheres of the city building are included in their activity: energetic, civic, hydrotechnical, industrial and special ones, and the company has got appropriate licenses for each of them. The company has also got an industrial base of its own and produces concrete and ferroconcrete items of various sizes, ferroconcrete structures, pumice-stones, partition tiles, standard and non-standard collapsible ferroconcrete items. Successes of the CJSC "ANPP Constr." are mainly conditioned by well-informed and highly experienced specialists of its personnel. The company has got a reference-book of principle, which it is guided by in its activity. That is to say, rightful competition, the main criterion of which is the work quality, a sequence in carrying out contractual responsibilities, a constant process of qualification and retraining of the experts and engineering personnel. The company cooperates with a number of companions, among which foreign organizations (French company "Framatom", PNNL laboratory of the American energetic department, World Bank, "Deno Gold Mining Company", IFAD), in which, by the way, it has appeared as a chief contractor, having its subcontractors. Works, having been realized by the company in different constructing spheres (in various regions of the AR and in Yerevan), are multiform as well. In 1990-93 the company actively participated in the reconstruction works of the disaster zone. It exploited the settlement "LenHPS" in Gyumri and the May municipal boiler-house. In 1993-1995 the CJSC was again in the Atomic Power Station, and in November of 1995 it was involved in the re-exploiting works of the ANPP. Repairing works were carried out to strengthen all the structures here, as well as constructing works of the roof of the main subsidiary building, as well as works. As a result, the seismic proof of the building has reached the index of 9. There were also realized constructing and mounting works for the bases of various types items, installing works of technological pipe-lines and electric cables. In 1997-98 constructing works of the storehouses were carried out, together with the French "Framatom" company, in order to preserve the nuclear dry fuel of ANPP. Parallel with the constructing works of enclosing the territory of the "Cooling down system of responsible consumers", with the contract, signed together with the laboratory PNNL of the USA energetics department, mounting works of the equipments of physical protection system for the sector, being in the process of construction, reconstruction of the functioning physical protection system as well as integration of the physical protection systems of new and functioning sectors into a single common modern system were realized. In 2007 the first stage of the activities, concerning the reconstruction and improvement of ANPP physical protection system was brought to an end. After the complete realization of the project, the ANPP physical protection system will totally correspond to modern demands, presented to similar structures, with its technical saturation and the level of protecting important substructures. In 1997-98, being the subsidiary enterprise of "Hydroenergoconstruction" CJSC, the company "ANPP Constr." directly participated in constructing works of Ararat gold factory. In 1998-99 the 4km passage of Hoktemberyan main canal was constructed with the forces of the company, in 2000 the repairing work of Yerevan THPP cooling down tower "number two" was realized, having the height of 55 m, in the sphere of energetic objects construction. With developing projects in the sphere of agriculture and water economics, a passage of Talin canal (in 1997), and the water-pipe of Udjan with its water-fountain basin (in 2002) were constructed. In 2002-2003 the Tavoush reservoir was totally reconstructed: the incrustation of the reservoir was changed, an installation of measurement equipments was carried out for the safety of the reservoir exploitation, in addition, a great part of the equipments was made just by this company, on the projects of European firms. In the framework of the development and improvements of water economics, in 2004-2005 the constructions of Sevaberd and Vadakar reservoirs were carried out. Here also, besides reconstructing building works, installation of different types of measurement equipments was carried out for safe exploitation of the reservoirs. Since May of 2006, according to the contract signed between "ANPP Constr." CJSC and "Deno Gold Mining Company" (19.05.06), there were accomplished the expansion works of Kapan copper-molibdate conglomerate (in December of 2007), as well as the constructing-mounting works of the barn in the gorge of the river Geghanush. At the same time there were realized the reconstructing works of hydroelectric stations in the Yerevan lake. Now construction works of the "Argichi" EHPS is being carried out on the river Argichi. Beginning from 2000 till nowadays, in the framework of court-legal improvements of the AR's Ministry of Justice, reconstructing-building works have been carried out by the CJSC in the buildings of courts of first instance in Avan, Nor Nork and Malatia-Sebastia communities., They realized constructing works of the AR's "Appeal Court" and courts of first instance in Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun communities as well. At present repairing works of the court of first instance in Noubarashen community of Erebouni are still in process. It's interesting, that activities performed by "ANPP Constr." are striking not only by their quality, but by their peculiar style as well. Mainly in civil structures, it's expressed as an original unity of elements of Armenian classical architecture and components of European culture. And the company's activity is, in general, highly appreciated by both AR government, and its companions, as well as by international foundations.



Any imported or exported product in our country, be it industrial or other ones, should have a proper origin and quality certificate, owing to which we - the consumers, can be aware of the given product's origin country. It's already 6 years that a structure has been working in Armenia, on the expertise of which all the exporting enterprises of the country rely. Thus, our interview with the head of the company Georgy Nanyan, is about the company's activity spheres, about the services being offered and successes having been registered. Let's add, that our interlocuter has got a great experiment of leadership. He has held leading posts in the factories "Central Mould" and "Fork-Lift Trucks" of Charentsavan and in the town hall, in the Yerevan board of "ArmenTel", etc. He has graduated from Yerevan Polytechnical and Agricultural Economics Institutes, the National Economics Academy, related to the USSR Council of Ministers. He is an academician of natural sciences of Russia. Besides being the chief manager of "Armexpertise" organization, he works as the president of the Trade-Industrial Palace of the region Kotayk.

- Mr. Nanyan, introduce the history of the company's formation, please, and explain what kind of activity does it realize nowadays? - In 2001 a law was accepted by the AR's national assembly, concerning trade-industrial palaces of Armenia. As ithey’re trade-industrial palaces that give an origin certificate to the exported industrial products in the most part of the country, so according to that law, the trade-industrial palace founded "Armexpertise" LLC in 2002, the main task of which should be the expert of exported products and giving origin certificates to them. Before that, of course, there had existed such services, but the company "Armexpertise" isn't considered as the legal successor of any of them, and nothing from them has reached us, even the archive. Their activity was stopped after the formation of our company. Now the exporting enterprises of Armenia are nearly 150. Besides the expert of exported products, we realize assessment of real and moveable properties, as well as define the ciphers of imported products. If we speak only about the origin certificates, their increase was nearly for 170%. That is to say, if in 2002 we gave 4400 origin certificates, in 2007 their number has reached 7500. It must be also mentioned that in the beginning it was only our organization to give origin certificates. But following the trade standards of world organizations, the trade-industrial palace also started to give origin certificates, and our section was moved to the palace, as a separate sector. As they assume our activity as a basis at the time of giving certificates, in fact, employees of that sector work with us, and only in case of arising certain questions they are being invited to the trade-industrial palace. - On what bases do the exporters turn to you? I mean, do they compulsorily need to turn to you for getting an origin certificate? - It's necessary in case of exporting goods into European Union and CIS countries. By the way, it's very important that the certificate is given not by a public structure, but by an independent one. - Are certificates the same given to all the countries? - No, they aren't. There are three types of certificates. The first one is for products being exported into European Union, the second one - for CIS countries, and the third one - for other countries. This distinction is conditioned with the offered demands in a certain country, and with the privileges having been given to our country. - What kind of process is “making an examination”, and what stages does it consist of? - The juridicial and physical person, that turns to us to get an origin certificate, must present all the documents about getting the certain product in Armenia - concerning the sources of raw material, degree of cultivation, etc. Then our experts make an examination at once, and check the authenticity of the presented documents. For example, during the export of equipments it's necessary to take a photo of the certified subject, in order to avoid further disagreements. In the result of the examination, a report is made, which gives the right to cipher the product, according to commodity nominal list of the foreign economical activity. Only after all this the client is being given an origin certificate of the product. - To how many countries have you given origin certificates, and do the certifacates given by you really secure certain privileges in the exported countries? - We give privileged origin certificates to 27 European countries, 12 CIS countries, and common certificates - to other countries. Our origin certificates enable us to give some tax privileges to the imported products in the countries being imported. - Is it obligatory to have an origin certificate for products being sold in inner market? - No, it isn't. For the inner market, they are given on voluntary basis. Any organization or individual, selling products in the inner market, may turn to us. - What can you say about the indices, having been recorded since the date of the company's creation? - If we take the general services of our organization, then they have increased for 2.35 times during 2002-07. That is, there has been a 2.35% increase of our activities in Armenia since 2002 till nowadays. Very often employees of the customs service send physical and juridicial people, which import products, to us, in order to verify the ciphers of the imported goods. By the way, ciphering is quite a complex task, and supposes great responsibility, especially in case of products having got dual significance. Our mistake in this activity may lead to serious consequences, if according to international rules, those products aren't allowed to be exported or are being exported only by the government permission.


        With the Lord's Prayer and blessing was opened "Mets Aniv" company's next shop-hall in Gyumri. It's the second in its size among the branches of the company and, in fact, is its recurrent huge achievement.
       "Mets Aniv" LLC was founded in 1999. Yet, at the end of 1990-ies specialists of the company decided to study seriously the local market, being found in a quite messy situation (mainly its car-park), to systemize the demand, and, which is the most important, to present the consumer only qualified assortment of goods, and at the same time, in the most advanced and civilized way. In the result of a nine-year-old hard work, "Mets Aniv" created a considerably big net of shop-halls, where the consumer can acquire everything concerning cars (beginning from tyres and car oils to motor car spare parts and cosmetic devices) and, which is very important, changes must be done just on the spot. The company has openNed 11 branches only in Yerevan, and 2 - in Vanadzor. Its central base acting in Yerevan, with the necessary equipments for cars, secures not only the own shop-nets, but also its close 300 partners. We would also like to mention that since 2006 "Mets Aniv" has been considered to be the formal representative of 2 car factories (Iranian "Amico" and Russian "IJ" auto"). What concerns the shop-hall in Gyumri, it must be noticed that there were presented tyres of European and Russian production firms as well, famous all over the world, included Continental brand, the tyres of which are for cars of BMW and Mercedes-Benz marks, the Japanese DUNLOP, which is in the top ten of the world for its high-quality production of tyres. There are also tyres of South Korean production, foreseen for all kinds of cars, high-quality automobile batteries of European production, oils, spare parts. According to the president of the company "Mets Aniv" Andranik Grigoryan, this branch should have been openned in Gyumri much more earlier, as there was its necessity. One from Gyumri doesn't have to reach Yerevan any more in order to get motor car spare parts, oils and tyres. He can find here the whole assortment presented in shops of Yerevan as well. Moreover, there are sorts, which are for the first time presented just in this shop-hall. People from Gyumri can also make use of the high-quality car services acting in the shop.The mayor of Gyumri Vardan Ghukasyan attached importance to the fact that they had been consistent in giving a land for the shop-hall in order to be built quickly and to serve the purpose of its own: "In winter months the demand for tyres, batteries and motor-car spare parts increases incomparably, and the openning of this shop-hall is a gift to the people of Gyumri and the inhabitants of the region Shirak." Thus, by establishing such kind of branches in the capital Yerevan and in different regions of the republic, this direction is already carried out and that is why it's foreseen to open such a big shop, presenting the whole assortment of the company, in Stepanakert as well, which will be the basis for openning new working-places in the Republic of the Mountainous Karabagh. Production of polyethyl pipes of "Arshand" company were presented in the shop-hall of "Mets Aniv" company in Gyumri. We need to mention that the president of the company "Arshand" is also Andranik Grigoryan. It's the only company in Armenia which has stream-lines corresponding to modern technologies and uses European raw material. They are for pipes with high pressure (which carry drinking water, technical liquids, mineral fertilizers), pipes for inner and outer water removal, as well as for building hydro-isolating covers. The latters are used in the heating-system. These polyethyl pipes have a number of advantages over the metal ones. There is no demand for additional materials during the installation, they are more long-lived, don't become oxidized, don't change the taste of water and are incomparably cheap.

                                                                                                           ARMINE GEVORGYAN


        Production of the enterprise carrying the trade mark "Mika-cement" is largely acknowledged not only in our country, but in Georgia, RF, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Europe and Near East as well. What's interesting is that the manager of this company, realizing so much expansive activities, is a woman: a clever, active and intelligent personality, with the skills of which are mainly conditioned the obvious achievements of the enterprise.
       "I accepted the director's post in 2002. The factory was still in a sad state then. The territory of 540 000 sq.km. had been changed into a dump. I realized clearly how much difficult it would be, but I had to start from some point anyhow. The factory had only 600 employees. They were working in one shift and very unsystematically. I had had a long years of experience in working in a factory, and I didn't imagine myself in another sphere, that is why I accepted the director's post of the company", Mrs. Martirosyan explained her orientation in this way. Of course she doesn't forget to mention as well that appearing in the outer market in a very short period of time and taking a high position became possible owing to the strategy of Michael Baghdasarov, the president of CJSC "Mika".
       The cement factory of Hrazdan was created in 1970. In 2001, after being privatized by "Mika holding", the factory was renamed into CJSC "Mika-cement". It occupies nearly a 540 000 sq.km. of industrial territory, and is mainy engaged in high-quality cement production of "portland" trademark. Here quite highly qualified half-finished product is being manufactured as well, which is of great demand in Georgia. The enterprise is replenished with 2 productive streamlines, with an output of 1 mln tonnes of cement annually. While the output of the second streamline isn't being totally exploited yet. At present the enterprise intends to rearm it with new equipments, and with that purpose it already negotiates with a number of European famous companies, in order to acquire the necessary equipments. According to estimations, the output of the second streamline will reach 900 000 tonnes of cement after the re-exploitation.
       Owing to its efforts, the company now works with a regular regime, with several shifts. In reconstructing activities of main means of production, the permanant huge financial investments and new technological solutions afforded an opportunity to increase the quality of produced cement and to decrease its cost price to a considerable level. Cement being produced here is the cheapest in Europe, and as far as the inner market is concerned, the company works here without striving for great profit. By the way, cement in factory is porduced in a wet method, which gives an opportunity to supervise the quality constantly. Securing the industrial technological cycle of cement in the factory is realized by factory's central laboratory forces, which at the same time carries out the functions of technical supervision.
       The quality indications of the enterprise's production have been improved especially after the opening of its own marl stone-mines. The Artanish birthplace of marl is situated on 85km away from "Mika-cement". General surface of the birthplace is 25 ha, reserves of the mines are inexhaustile. It's ecologically clean and secure and is exploited in an open method. Half-finshed products' specimens of the Artanish birthplace have been highly active. The Makravanyan marl birthplace and the Hrazdan clay birthplace belong to the enterprise as well. In 2007 a 20-30% increase was being registered in the factory both in production and export spheres. The company has already signed a contract of producing cement of large amount for the construction activities of sport complexes for the Olympic Games, which will be held in 2014 in Sochi.
       As it is known, cement production is connected with the environment pollution. Leaders of the enterprise consider ecology as an important problem and negotiate with foreign leading companies, in the direction of acquiring modern hoovering systems. Together with that, a number of repair works have been realized. The administrative building of the factory has been repaired, exclusive works have been carried out in all the workshops. Much attention is paid to the health of the employees. All the territory of the factory is covered with trees and greenery. The factory has got an aid station, even a farm of its own. All the employees drink fresh milk everyday.
       The main power of the enterprise is the working collective consisting of nearly 900 people, highly-qualified specialists, literate engineering-technical staff and managers of international level, which professional abilities are being improved in appropriate foreign structures. Average wage of the employees is 90 000 drams. By the way, appreciating the high work-results, leaders of the enterprise have given donations and rewards to their employees in 2007, has presented DVD-s, one of them has even been awarded a Renault car.
       Activities, having been realized by the company during the last years, and the quality of the manufactured product, have been highly appreciated not only in native, but in international competent structures as well. This fact is confirmed by high prizes and certificates, having been given to the company, and the by challenge white flag given by "Mika holding".

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